Episode 9

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15th Feb 2021

Love Money, Money Loves You Sarah McCrum & Cydney O'Sullivan

On the How to Be A Millionaire show with Cydney O'Sullivan, my guest is Sarah McCrum. Most people experience fear and stress around money and they’re not aware how much it’s influencing their business, financial and family life, and their impact in the world. 

Sarah McCrum is a teacher and author who helps people create a healthy relationship with money. She helps them grow the inner skills they need to handle the challenges of money, business and family life so they can live more generously towards themselves and others.

She offers a practical, relaxed approach through her courses based on the principles of her book, Love Money, Money Loves You. Her work is founded on 30 years of personal practice, 22 years of training with Chinese Masters and two decades of coaching business owners and leaders.

Sarah has influenced the lives of tens of thousands worldwide to expand their consciousness around money and generosity.

Sarah's Money Score Card: https://geni.us/MoneyScoreCard

Money Loves You Programs: https://geni.us/LoveMoneyPrograms

Cydney O'Sullivan enjoys teaching authorities and experts how to become a millionaire by honing and optimizing their irresistible offers, signature Million Dollar Positioning, authority books and signature coaching programs.

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How To Be A Millionaire
How To Be A Millionaire
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Cydney OSullivan

Are you an expert or entrepreneur with a burning desire to crack the code to making millions?

Did you know that 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems, while small businesses employ 59 million people in the U.S., and only 40% of them are profitable?
The good news is that with proven, foundational strategies you can learn how to become a millionaire and build a 7-figure business.

Cydney O'Sullivan is the CEO & founder of Millionaires Academy. She started her first business at 27 and 10 years later was a multi-millionaire from flipping businesses, real estate and shares. With a goal to help others, she became an 18-times best selling author and has taught thousands of other experts how they can become celebrity influencers. She now works with other high integrity Celebrity Experts to teach others how to become millionaires through her nonprofit foundation Millionaires Academy. She is an award-winning host of virtual summits, TV & podcast show and book series.